Tips From Our plumbers in Santa Ana

While you are always welcome to call our plumbers in Santa Ana, CA, there are some repairs that just about anyone can make.

Leaky Faucet Repair

You don't have to wait on one of our Our Plumbers in Santa Ana Repair Garbage Disposals plumbers to get a leaky faucet fixed.  These are usually caused by a broken or loose washer which can easily be replaced. If your faucet is constantly dripping, this can add extra money to your water bill each month, and these costs can add up quickly. To replace a washer:
1) Shut off the water supply
2) Turn on the faucet to drain any water from the line
3) Remove the faucet handle
4) Take out the old washer, and put a new one in its place
then replace the faucet handle Your faucet should work properly after this procedure. If you are still having issues, you can contact one of our plumbers in Santa Ana, CA for a repair call.

Clear a Clogged Toilet

Another common issue is a Our Plumbers in Santa Ana Unclog Toiletsclogged toilet. A clogged toilet is usually caused by excess toilet paper or the flushing of a non flushable object. It is always a good idea to have easy access to a toilet plunger so you can unclog the blockage before the toilet overflows. A good plunger can usually remove the blockage with a few thrusts, and your toilet should be back in working order. There are instances where it may be impossible to remove the blockage, and if this occurs, you will want to call a plumber right away. If the toilet happens to overflow, shut off the water supply as soon as possible to avoid flooding and water damage. There is usually a shut off valve behind the toilet where the inlet line enters the reservoir tank.

Unclog the Shower Drain

Shower drains are notorious for Our Plumbers in Santa Ana Do Shower Installsclogging and if they aren't cleared you can be standing in a couple of inches of water at the end of each shower. A slow running drain can be cleared with a few simple steps.

1) Remove the stopper from the top of the drain. Depending on the type of drain stopper you have it may require loosening the overflow valve on the side of the tub or simply unscrewing the top from the stopper.
2) Remove any internal workings on the stopper (this is in the case of push lock systems only).
3) Using a wire with a hook bent in the end, fish out the hair clog.
4) Replace the stopper.
5) To prevent future hair clogs, install a filter screen over the drain to catch the hair before it enters the drain system.

Of course, if all of the drains in your home are running slowly, it may be a sign of a main line drain clog. If this is the case, call in our expert Santa Ana plumbers to get your drain augured and your whole house draining well again

Water Heater Repair

From time to time, home and building Our Plumbers in Santa Ana Do Water Heater Repairowners are bound to experience issues with their water heaters. Some issues are an easy fix, but there are plenty of other issues that may require replacement or a full Santa Ana water heater repair service.

The most common issue people face when it comes to their water heater is lack of hot water. The water will run cold from faucets and shower heads. This is due to the fact that the heating element is not working properly, and it will most likely need to be replaced. You can easily replace the heating element yourself and your hot water will return to normal. It is a simple pull and replace procedure in most cases.